About Me

Meet Nina

I am a Photographer in Portland, Oregon. It is important to me that your story is told just as beautifully, uniquely, and multifaceted as you are. I create a surrounding where you can come as you are–your flamboyant, shy, silly, serious, or messy self because all these aspects have beauty.

I will attune to the facets you want to present and create space for you to shine.

Fun Facts

Descriptive words about me:

Goofy, easy-going, 60% introverted & 40% extroverted, talk-active, fun & creative

Favorite Go-To TV shows:

The Office, The Detectorists, The Crown, Gillmore Girls, Harry Potter, Scrubs, Friends, The Great British Baking Show, Euphoria, People of Earth, Game of Thrones, and so many more.

Education and Career:

I graduated from PSU with a psychology degree and a focus on graphic design. I spent most of my time working with preschool children as a teacher and nanny. I love applying my interest in art, psychology, early childhood development, and a goofy sense of humor to my photography sessions.

What are your Fun Facts?